Posted by: sunshineandroses | July 19, 2008

file folder games

I like using file folder games with my boys.  I have gotten some from teacher resource books and the Mailbox magazine . I also have some easy homemade ones.  Anyway,  I keep my file folder games in a binder on my bookshelf.  I either 3 hold punch the game itself, or put it in a page preotector. Here are  a couple ideas for homemade games.

dot pattern numbers

dot pattern numbers


When it comes to making file folder games, velcro sticky dots are your friend. I buy them cheap from Oriental Trading Company.

color match

color match

I use inexpensive die cuts to make some of my games. You could also cut simple shapes from construction paper.

shape sort

shape sort

I made several short vowel phonics games using clip art from Mailbox magazine.

short E game

short E game


short I

short I

 I made  flash cards out of index cards, you read the word on the card and move your marker to the corresponding picture.

short e game cards

short e game cards



  1. I love these FF games. I used to make them when i was a PreK teacher and now that I teach my own kids, I was never motivated to make them. But, reading your post inspired me! It doesnt feel too hard now. Thanks!! Love your ideas!

  2. I love your ideas! You seem so organized it made me realize I still have lots of organizing to do before we begin. Your son is precious!

    I look forward to reading and learning from you and about you!


    Dee in Sunny FL!

  3. Thank you! I enjoy making them but I like to keep it simple. Some concepts can be taught much easier without going to all the trouble of making a ff game. If it is something I know will need a lot of practice then it is worthwhile to me to make the game.

  4. I love ffg too!! I’d suggest laminating your ffg with clear contact paper. It’s really inexpensive and easy to use and it helps them to last so much longer. Some of the ones that I make, the kids can write on with a dry erase pen. With the clear contact paper, it wipes off with a damp cloth.

    I make mostly Christian ffg, but if you’re ever interested in some, you can check out my blog. I have a couple printables pages with links to just some of my games. All the rest are in Yahoo! groups and I’ve made well over 100, plus the other members that make them and post them too.

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