Posted by: sunshineandroses | January 10, 2009

Thomas the Train and Wall-e birthday cakes, the easy way.

My kiddos birthdays are close so this year I decided to make them each a cake on their actual birthday and then do cupcakes for the joint party they are having this month. I am no cake whiz but I do like baking. Anyway my 4 yo wanted Thomas the train. After looking at various overpriced cake pans and complicated  cut up cake instructions I decided to try a simple solution.

B and his Thomas cake

B and his Thomas cake

After baking a round cake and decorating with some festive icing I placed a Thomas  train on top. It was actually less expensive then the Thomas cake topper at our local party store and will get plenty of play value when the cake is long gone.

 a close up of the cake

a close up of the cake


My 8 year old wanted Wall-e for his cake.  Once again the cake pan seemed pricey for a one time cake and the cut ups were complex. However, the wall-e toy that J got for Christmas is way too big to put on a cake, and all the local stores were sold out of smaller Wall-E’s.  So I needed something different.  I found a blog full of Wall-e coloring pages and printed out a cute one of Wall-e and Eve.  I colored them and then cut out and laminated the characters.

wall-e cake

wall-e cake

I iced a rectangle cake with dark blue icing  and used  Sno-caps for stars.  It turned out cute and was super easy and cheaper then buying a cake topper.   However if I make a cake this way again I would not put the characters on the cake until last minute if I was using colored icing. I put the characters on the night before and overnight the icing dyed Eve a little blue!

Happy Birthday!



  1. I love the cakes! You did a great job. My son is totally into Thomas the Train and any other trains. Year before last I made him a train cake out of pound cakes. It turned out to be pretty easy. I think I have a pic of that on MySpace. I love to bake also! I love the laminated coloring pages idea.

    The boys look so happy!

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