Posted by: sunshineandroses | January 18, 2009

Our Wall-e Birthday Party

My little boys are Wall-e crazy so we had a Wall-e birthday party for them this weekend.  We had use of a church activity building and had about 15 kids.

Wall-e trash toss

Wall-e trash toss

When the kids came in we had brown paper lunch bags to decorate  and then our first game was the Wall-e trash toss. My talented husband drew Wall-e on posterboard, and we taped him to the side of a box. We cut open his compactor door and the kids threw wadded up balls of newspaper taped with duct tape at him. 
We followed that with a trash tower build. I had saved a big pile of empty containers (juice, cereal boxes, baby wipes, etc) and we divided those into 2 piles. The went against each other 2 at at time to see who could build the tallest trash tower in 30 seconds.
We played a “find the plant” game, we blew up about 25 balloons and they all had slips of paper inside, but only 3 had a plant on their paper, the children  had to bust their balloon and unroll the paper to see if they won by getting a plant.
I set out bags of marshmallows and dry spaghetti and the children made marshmallow robots.
marshmellow robots...and a marshmellow sattelite

marshmallow robots...and a marshmallow satellite

That was a very popular activity! After the kids ate and had cupcakes we opened presents and I had a couple more games. Spin the Fat Captain was a take on pin the tail on the donkey. I printed a picture of the fat captain  for each child. I cut out the captains and my husband drew a picture of Autoon posterboard. The children were blindfolded, sspun, and then had to stick their captain on Auto’s off switch. The final game was like a human board game. I printed out a picture of the Axiom for a starting place, then made a path on the floor with a few stars and cutouts of the solar system with Earth as the finish line. We had a spinner that the kids spun to determine how many spaces they get to move (1,2, 0,back 1 etc).
The kids had a lot of fun.  We also had the Wall-e movie playing in the background   and our Marbleworks set out for any children who did not want to participate in the games.
If you are having a Wall-e party and use any of my game ideas please leave me a comment and let me know how it went.


  1. I love your Wall-e party ideas. I am trying to plan a party for my 3 year old, and there is not much out there to buy!
    I just have a question- for the paper bag Wall-e, what items did you leave out for the kids to use?

    Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for your ideas. The kids had fun with the games that I picked out from your ideas Thanks again.

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